Nedu Onochie

U11 Boys Classic

Coaching Experience:

  • Coaching license: US Coaching Grassroots license
  • Years of coaching experience: 2 Years
  • Mays landing City Fc (2017 – 2018)
  • Egg Harbor township ballers (2019-2020)

Youth Playing Experience & Awards:

  • High-School (2009-2014)

Collegiate/Professional Playing Experience:

  • Rowan Intramural (2017-2019)
  • Rowan Club soccer (2017-2018)

Favorite team:

Chelsea FC


  • Playing Soccer
  • Playing Basketball
  • Playing video games
  • Watching sports
  • Writing poems

Why did you choose to become a coach?

I love the game, and aimed to play professionally but after multiple leg and knee injuries that dream was killed but my love for the game never wavered so instead, I decided to become a coach to teach players how to play the beautiful game.

Making sure that every player is given the opportunity to express themselves to their full potential.

Teaching players different ways to read a defense and the best ways to be successful, even if we lose the game.

What do you enjoy about coaching?

Being able to express different ideas and methodologies to win against different teams. Being able to evaluate and develop talent at their own pace, teaching them about their strengths and weaknesses and how best to maximize and minimize both areas.

How do you hope to inspire your players?

Ensuring them that it is okay to make mistakes.

Making it known that our team is only as strong as our weakest point and the aim is to build a team where our ‘weakest point’ is a lot better than other team’s strong points.

Leading in with the 3 F’s – Fight, Finish and Fun.

Nedu Onochie