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Spring Break Clinic 2024

Mar 25, 2024 5:00 PM


Potomac, MD

Our Spring Break Clinic will be held March 25-29 from 5-7pm in Potomac, MD. Similar to our ball mastery series, players will be challenged through exercises to help master the ball and improve confidence and creativity in 1v1s. *Limited space available

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The will to command and lead the game: the pleasure of maintaining possession of the ball, the ability to manage the game and its times with confidence, the development of a team mentality devoted to resourcefulness and common sacrifice are fundamental.


Through dynamic exercises, we aim to perfect the movement of the ball: from transmission to control to ball mastery.


When we talk about tactical skills, we mean both individual and team skills. These skills are trained with exercises that cover the principles of the game. Game principles include: managing and maintaining possession, finishing, defensive units and understanding spatial awareness. The methodology uses situational, simple and complex training methods, positional games, possession exercises and themed games.


The goal is to train an athlete to be ready to make effective decisions and to be mentally tough. We help teach our players how to make decisions in difficult and changing contexts both on and off the pitch. In other words, the development of a "Quick Thought", that allows players to be adaptable in all environments.


Sacrifice, courage, collaboration: these are the values that our athletes must share, all while developing the concept of belonging to a team. These are the values underlying not only the work of the players, but also those who follow them constantly and accompany them in their growth, on and off the pitch.